The Watchers

The Watchers

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How To Drive Me To Despair!

I finally watched Drive starring Ryan Gosling.

From the opening few minutes of the film- with its lush, hypnotic retro-visual palette  - I could have easily been watching an episode of Miami Vice or Scarface. The beating retro soundtrack to match – I was hooked. I was loving this film.

It was witty, thrilling, intriguing and characters that are set out as well rounded and creative – with room to grow throughout the film. How mistaken was I!

Then. The complete opposite happened. I felt like the firm grip the film makers had on the hold of this film was slowly being released and what started out as a well oiled retro machine became a film that resembled some straight to DVD gutter trash that could easily be forgotten. 

As soon as the job goes bad – so does the acting, directing and all out class of this film. I find it hard to figure out what film the 'critics' where watching when they hailed this film as the epiphany that they take it to be.

The film is pretentious – it dares to see itself as more than what it is – this film has a weak plot, and worse still the film ends without an ending. No closure and thus I feel I should honour this film by finishing here. Leaving this unfinished.


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