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The Watchers

Friday, 25 May 2012

Mini-Countdown: 5 Songs From The 1990s You Won't Believe Were Nominated For An Oscar!

Following on from my first mini-countdown of '80s music that was nominated for an Oscar, I thought it would be interesting to look at some '90s songs similarly honoured. All but one of these songs (the last one) makes me want to chop off my own ears in protest, so I apologise in advance if this quintet of songs isn't to your tastes.

'Blaze Of Glory' (1990)

From Young Guns II, this song was one of the five nominated at the 63rd Academy Awards. Jon Bon Jovi's music and lyrics were no competiton for the master that is Stephen Sondheim who took home the Oscar for 'Sooner Or Later' from Dick Tracy.

'(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' (1991) 

Not only did this remain at Number One in the UK Singles Chart for a frankly staggering sixteen weeks (to date still the longest consecutive run in British chart history), it also got nominated for an Oscar at the 64th Academy Awards. Bryan Adams would just have to be happy with ruling the British airwaves for four months as 'Beauty And The Beast' took the prize home instead. I was unable to embed a video of this song so, if you feel so inclined, please click the song title to hear it.

'Because You Loved Me' (1996)

Utterly sickly, utterly saccharine, this overblown confection from the fairly forgettable Up Close & Personal made up the numbers at the 69th Academy Awards, when 'You Must Love Me' from Evita won.

'How Do I Live' (1997)

 I didn't realise this uber-gloopy schmaltz-fest was on a film soundtrack; furthermore, I didn't realise that film was Con Air. Originally recorded by LeAnn Rimes (the version most people will know), it was actually performed by country star Trisha Yearwood for the movie. No matter who sung it; it didn't win. As with most things at the 70th Academy Awards, the Oscar went to Titanic (and 'My Heart Will Go On')

' I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' (1998)

Aerosmith's rock ballad for disaster movie Armageddon is a pretty decent song but it surprised me to see it among the list of nominations at the 71st Academy Awards. The third song on this list written by Diane Warren (a six-time Oscar nominee, but yet to win), it lost out to 'When You Believe' from The Prince Of Egypt.

There was another song that was nominated in the 1990s which absolutely knocked me sideways. But I'm gonna save that for the next mini-countdown which will feature five movies you won't believe were nominated for an Oscar.


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