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The Watchers

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Watchers' Advent Calendar: 14th December

Day 14 of The Watchers' Advent Calendar and, as promised yesterday, today we have the second part of The Watchers' Christmas Quiz: a festive exercise for the little grey cells (or your search engine prowess, whichever comes first).

* * *

The Watchers' Christmas Quiz (Part Two)

This is the second of three short quizzes, all related (more or less) to films that have Christmas in them. Please note this is just for fun; there are no prizes. The answers will be given tomorrow.

So here is your second set of questions:

1.  Which actor won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Kris Kringle in the 1947 version of Miracle On 34th Street?

2.  In The Muppet Christmas Carol, who does The Great Gonzo play?

3. John Waters' movie Female Trouble starts at Christmas. What does Dawn Davenport (Divine) want for Christmas- and flies into a rage when she doesn't get it?

4. The Nakatomi Plaza building, the setting for Die Hard, is supposed to be in which US city?

5. In Jingle All The Way, what is the name of the action figure that Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has to get for his son?

Hopefully those questions will keep you thinking til tomorrow when we'll have something a little different for you...

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